Welcome to Soul Foods India, your home for authentic global flavors. A leading food brand by ADF Foods brings authentic global flavors to Indian kitchens. ADF Foods is a food manufacturing company that specializes in a variety of ethnic foods, including Indian, Middle Eastern, and other global cuisines. With a distributor network of over 160+ partners, ADF Foods serves more than 55 countries worldwide. The company has several popular brands, including Ashoka, Camel, PJ Organics, Aeroplane, Truly Indian, Nate’s, Khanasaama and now SOUL. Soul consists of a wide range of Indian Pickles and Chutneys. At Soul Foods India, we strive to satisfy your cravings with the utmost authenticity. With SOUL products, we feed not just your heart, but your soul too!

At the junction of flavor and adventure, We set out on a mission to excite your taste buds and bring joy through culinary arts exploration. With a perfect blend of traditional flavors presented in a youthful and fusion style, our brand caters to both the young and the young at heart. Our commitment is to provide an authentic taste that resonates with all generations, offering a wide range of food experiences that make a lasting impression. In order to provide our customers with an unmatched journey of authentic flavors and delightful culinary encounters, we continuously work to deliver exceptional quality and expand our offerings.


At ADF Soul, we are leaving a lasting impression and creating cherished memories for everyone. Our vision is to bring authentic flavors to Indian kitchens. We strive to be the number-one choice for condiments, pickles and chutneys by providing products that capture the true essence of each condiment. We want to offer a delightful culinary experience that satisfies both the heart and the soul through our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to become the go-to brand for food enthusiasts and home chefs, delivering a taste of the world in every bite.


At the heart of our brand is the mission to bring joy and excitement to people's taste buds through culinary adventures. We believe in combining traditional flavors with a modern and youthful twist, offering a unique and appealing experience for everyone, regardless of age. We believe in creating memorable food experiences that will stand the test of time, ensuring your satisfaction today and for years to come. We are dedicated to delivering delicious food that honors tradition while also catering to the changing preferences of all generations. As a brand, we continuously strive to expand our offerings, ensuring that our customers embark on exceptional and memorable culinary journeys. Our ultimate goal is to create moments of pure happiness and leave a lasting impact through the power of food.