Schezwan Chutney in Olive Oil (265 gms)
Schezwan Chutney in Olive Oil (265 gms)
Schezwan Chutney in Olive Oil (265 gms)
Schezwan Chutney in Olive Oil (265 gms)
Schezwan Chutney in Olive Oil (265 gms)
Schezwan Chutney in Olive Oil (265 gms)
Schezwan Chutney in Olive Oil (265 gms)
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Schezwan Chutney in Olive Oil (265 gms)

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    Indulge in the vibrant fusion of chilli, garlic, onions and ginger. All prepared in 100% extra virgin olive oil. The zingy companion to spice up your comfort bowl of noodles.

    Ingredients: Water, Garlic, Onions, Olive Oil, Salt, Ginger,  Chilli, Sugar, Tomato Paste, Spices (Cinnamon, Cloves, Fennel Seeds, Black Pepper, Nutmeg), Star Anise, Yeast Extract Powder.

    Storage Instructions: Refrigerate after opening. Use dry spoons to ensure longevity.

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    More Details About Schezwan Chutney Online

    Schezwan Chutney in Olive Oil

    Chutney is a relish that accompanies an Indian meal. Every country has a unique take when it comes to this versatile condiment. Here at Soul food, we provide you with the authentic taste of the famous Schezwan Chutney in Olive Oil. You can buy Shezwan chutney online from the Soul Food website at the best price.

    Schezwan Chutney: Ingredients and Preparation

    Our Shezwan chutney is fiery and finger-licking in taste and is made in olive oil with half the amount of salt of a regular Chutney. Its ingredients are Water, Garlic, Onions, Salt, Ginger, Chilli, Sugar, Tomato Paste, Spices (Cinnamon, Cloves, Fennel Seeds, Black Pepper, Nutmeg), Star Anise, and Yeast Extract Powder.

    The Best Pairings for Schezwan Chutney

    Schezwan Chutney is a spicy and flavourful relish that is a popular accompaniment to Indian Ethnic and Asian dishes. This versatile condiment goes well with a variety of foods, from noodles and samosas to chaat and pav bhaji. It is also great as a dip for snacks like fried chicken or vegetables, or as a spread for sandwiches and wraps. The heat level of Shezwan chatni can vary, so it is recommended to taste it before serving and adjust the amount used to your liking. Whether you are a fan of spicy foods or prefer milder flavours, Shezwan Chutney is sure to enhance the taste of any dish it is paired with. So, the next time you want to add some zing to your meal, consider serving Schezwan chatni. Keep it in a cool dry place and refrigerate it to retain the freshness and ensure to use dry spoons while serving.

    Uses and Health Benefits of Shezwan Chutney

    Did you know that Shezwan chutney has a lot of health benefits? Shezwan is rich in nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants such as Vitamin A, manganese, phosphorous, copper, iron, zinc, and phosphorous. In addition to these nutrients, it includes a variety of phytosterols, carotenes, and terpenes. All of this helps stimulate circulation, reduce pain, boost immunity, increase appetite, strengthen the bones, eliminate inflammation, protect the stomach, and lower blood pressure.

    Chutney has numerous health benefits. It has antioxidant properties which help reduce the bad cholesterol present in the system and reduce the risks of cancer. It has Vitamin C and fibres which help reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system. It has Vitamin A which protects one vision from worsening. It also improves digestion and stimulates blood flow.

    Olive oil helps improve skin and heart-related issues, eyesight and digestion, prevents cancer, ensures healthy bones, and contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties.

    Where to Buy Shezwan Chutney Online?

    Buy Shezwan chutney online from the Soul food website. There is no other place to buy shezwan chutney online at a better price in India. Also, make sure to check out our traditional chutney products like mango chutney, and date & tamarind chutney. We also have a variety of traditional pickle products like Gorkeri and chhundo.


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